Interface LogCollectorMBean

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RemoteTaskMBean, java.lang.Runnable
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public interface LogCollectorMBean
extends RemoteTaskMBean

Parametrizes the JMX interface to the LogCollector. Log collector collects all logs from currently registered remote tasks and forwards them by refiring them. It also keeps a list of old logs that can be retrieved at will. The length of histroy is limited by a setting in Constants.LOG_LIMIT

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Method Summary[] getOldLogEvents()
          Retrieve the list of old events.
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public[] getOldLogEvents()
Retrieve the list of old events. Lower indices indicate that the logs have been received prior to the logs with higher indices. This does not, however, imply temporal ordering of log events, since we are in a distributed system. Nevertheless, each log carries its own timestamp, if such ordering is desired. The notifications returned are new, rewrapped notifications with IDs issued by the log collector, not the original notifications received by the collector.

the list of old log notifications