JCosyne - A framework for remote computation


Java Computation System for Network Environment is a small, JMX (Java Management Extensions) based framework that executes and instruments your code, packaged as a set of remote tasks. Primarily, JCosyne supports code that performs computation (e.g. scientific algoritms or simulations), but can essentially support other functions as well (maybe remote administration or computer configuration).

JCosyne is similar to ANT build tool in its design: there is an execution engine and a collection of supporting tools (called framework remote tasks) that are started automatically on a JCosyne server, provided in the framework. You use a GUI tool called JMX Administrator (see Screenshots) to visualize the processes running on the server. The processes, or so-called remote tasks, are Java classes that you write: they utilize JCosyne framework functions and you only have to code your core algorithm - resource management, logging, communication and so forth are already implemented.